Titanic 2 cruise ship with plans for 2016 maiden voyage


The opportunity to sail on the Titanic 2 cruise ship might seem a dream for fanatics of the dramatic sinking that took place over 100 years ago, or even for those cruise goers that would love to cruise on a very different cruise ship. The maiden voyage for Titanic 2 is planned for 2016 at the time of writing.

Today we wanted to highlight a few videos that showcase the Titanic 2 cruise ship, and also link to a few insightful articles that include information on the plans, a 3D interactive model, and a lot more.

It is worth noting that Clive Palmer, the Australian billionaire behind Titanic 2, stated recently that over 40,000 people have registered their interest in tickets for this new cruise ship. You can see a quick interview in the first video below, which discusses that fact and a little more.


You also get a glimpse of the Titanic 2 cruise ship plans in the second video that sees Palmer discuss this replica. There will of course be enhancements to make Titanic 2 safer, which includes the ship being 4 metres wider for stability and an extra deck for enhanced visibility.

The company behind Titanic 2, Blue Star Line, created a cool interactive 3D model of the new cruise ship that lets users find out more about different areas of the ship. The model pinpoints and explains Third Class Dining, The Pool, Grand Staircase, Café Parisien, The Bridge, Second Class Cabins, First Class Staterooms, The Smoking Room, First Class dining and a lot more.

You can also see a third video below that features 60 Minutes reporter Ray Martin, and he discusses the ‘Titanic Clive’ story over a couple of minutes and answers some questions about Titanic 2 and the billionaire behind it.

Would you like to sail on the Titanic 2 cruise ship?

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  • roger Morris

    Yes, I would sail on her.

  • Reene

    I would like to take a tour through the ship, but No I have not desire to sail on her.