Top 7 Places across the Globe for your destination wedding


When it comes to a destination for your wedding it has to be in one of the most spectacular romantic destinations of the world that can make the most precious moments of your life all the more memorable. Your wedding is one of the most vital occasions and we all have our own dreams of a great wedding. Choosing the destination for a wedding is one of the most vital parts of planning and when there are more than 190 countries across the world, it can be difficult to narrow down the search. Choosing your wedding destination in the most romantic and beautiful places on earth you can give the most precious gift to the person you love the most. These wonderful places can also be great destinations where you can arrange a stag weekend abroad and go for short but memorable holidays with your friends.

Skopelos Island, Greece: The greenest island in Greece, the Skopelos Island has remained a great film location for its splendid, virgin landscapes and lust forests. A few days in this land of magical beauty can bring a new essence in your love life. The relaxing weather of the island lets you take full pleasure and fun and your wedding is going to be absolutely perfect in this fantastic destination. To admire the stunning beauty of this island take the ferry ride across the sea.

Kuredu Island, Maldives: Nothing can be more romantic than getting married in the land of white sands on the fascinating island of Kuredu. The second biggest island within the Maldives is an abode of serene beauty. The blissful weather of this land will mesmerize you. This tiny paradise with a great range of lavish restaurants and bars is a fantastic spot for a perfect wedding. Kuredu has so much to offer, from a 5 star diving centre to 18 hole golf course, two spas and above all the clear water of Indian Ocean.

Venice, Italy: Nestled in the Northeast of Italy, Venice is the lover’s paradise with everything so beautiful and so artistic. This is the place where you can enjoy the best of Italians. Made up of 118 tiny islands which are linked by picturesque waterways and bridges, Venice stands as the most romantic destination on the earth. Venice means a midnight romantic tour in gondola through the canals and making a vacation time and wedding experience all the more unforgettable.

Las Vegas, USA: Whenever there is something exciting and something special in your wedding plans, the best destination can be no other than Las Vegas. LA offers a fantastic experience to your loved ones with its general flamboyance, with its wacky nightlife, bright lights and thrilling activities. With an array of hotels you can get the one perfect for your budget and enjoy some of the most memorable days with utmost pleasure and fun with your partner and guests.

Anchorage, Alaska: When it is Anchorage, the largest city of Alaska, your wedding has to be very much special. One of the most sought after wedding destinations for centuries, this stunning destination overwhelms the tourists with its spectacular beauty. Anchorage has so much to see and so much to do; take a drive along the scenic coastline or venture into ski resort or get indulged in delightful activities like rafting, hiking and fishing. A romantic day cruise along the Alaskan coastline will make your experience all the more special.

Scotland, United Kingdom: If you have a dream of picture perfect wedding just like a princess then Scotland is the ideal venue for that. The home to a number of fairytale inspired castles, Scotland has an array of hotels spreading all over. Here you can make your time all the more worth cherishing by taking part in golf, clay pigeon shooting and various classic British sports.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Located on the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia Dubrovnik is just the ideal destination for you if you fancy for a little busier vacation experience. The virtually unspoilt landscapes, beautiful historical city centre and elegant churches, all will make your wedding all the more special. To make it extra adventurous catch a ferry ride or go for a day long kayaking.

For a beautiful wedding destination Tahiti, Florence, Fijian Islands, Napa Valley, The Bahamas, Hawaii, Rome, Malibu Beach, Lake Tahoe and Tuscany can also be a great choice. It is also a good idea to arrange a stag weekend abroad and make a travel to any of these marvelous places to experience a holiday that you are going to cherish for long.

Author Bio – Donna B. is a relationship counselor who helps people to keep their relationship a healthy, growing and lively one. For a relationship to succeed, it is important to understand and appreciate each other while living your own life. Eclipse Leisure, a tour operator who specializes in arranging stag weekend packages is ideal if you are going to get married and are feeling tensed about the major occasion.

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    I had my perfect wedding in Skopelos in September 2012!