Best towel folding animals on cruise ships


We have been on a number of cruise ships and just about all of these cruises have one thing in common, which is towel-folding animals in your stateroom. This is something you will also experience in a number of hotels around the world, but we never seem to grow tired of the numerous creations.

Today we wanted to feature some of the best towel folding animals we found on YouTube that were created on cruise ships, although we would love to hear from our readers as well about the best creations you have seen.

We have included the videos below this article and some of these also give towel-folding instructions for animals. Our favourite creations we have seen in the past included a robot and swan, but the real difference we feel is how the attendant sets up the towel animals in the room.

The photo above this article is one we took while on P&O’s Azura, which shows the animal watching TV with the remote control in-hand. Let us know the funniest and most innovative way you’ve seen a room attendant go the extra mile when creating towel folding animals?

The first video shows a number of towel folding animal pictures from various cruise ships and the second showcases some from a Carnival Cruise. It is worth noting that some were created in the stateroom and others are from towel demonstrations.

In the third video you will learn how to fold a cruise ship “Turtle Towel Animal“, which instructions are given in just under 3 minutes. Take a look at all three videos and then share a comment, although if you are in our app then click view on website.

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