Independence of the Seas review with pictures


Today, we wanted to feature a few photos taken while onboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas recently, and our cruise ship review resulted in one of the best cruising experiences we have had. The pictures above cover a wide range of areas and experiences on board Independence of the Seas, although be aware the amount of amazing things to do on this ship made it hard to post all the photos.

We stayed in a Grand Suite while on board Independence of the Seas, which cost around £9,000 in the summer season for 2 adults, one child and a teenager. It is worth noting teenagers are normally counted as adults on cruise ships. Prices can start from under £1,000 per adult for 14 nights if you choose an inside stateroom, and even cheaper than this if you pick a time outside of the busy summer season.

Please keep in-mind that the above prices are quoted from a cruise trip recently and will certainly change from month to month.

Independence of the Seas delivers – as you can see in the pictures above this cruise ship delivers some amazing food in the main restaurants, and also in the speciality restaurants for a little extra money. The party atmosphere found in a number of locations on board Independence of the Seas is second to none, and for families would be hard to beat.

The choice of food really impressed us and thanks to the bigger size allowed for a much better range of food, which puts many cruise ships to shame.

Having an ice show on board a cruise ship made for a really special experience, which offered something different to what we’ve found on smaller cruise ships with only a theatre.

Busy is not for everyone – Bigger ships won’t be for everyone and some people might find it too busy when everyone gathered in one area, as you can see in some of the photos above. Independence of the Seas in the summer also meant a lot more children on board, well over 1000 on this cruise, and again this might not be for some people that don’t like the idea of all the buttons being pressed in a lift so you stop on every floor.

We also had our room doorbell rung a few times by kids that were allowed to stay out to whatever time they like, although this only happened a couple of times and shouldn’t be an example for all cruises on board Independence of the Seas.

Teenagers will love cruising with Royal Caribbean – We have to recommend Independence of the Seas to families, which allowed our daughter to make lots of friends in the teenage club. She also enjoyed the activities like a rock climbing wall, Wave Rider, and other sports activities she had been able to do as a group thanks to the entertainment programmes.

This is only a quick look at Independence of the Seas via the pictures above and not a full review, although it shows that the public opinion of cruising being for the older generation has truly changed.

Have you been on board Independence of the Seas, and if so how would you rate this cruise ship?





























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