Message in P&O bottle found after 76 years

There are things hidden under the sea that would amaze most people, and just because something has been dropped into the depths of the sea doesn’t mean it will never be seen again. This week we have heard about an amazing story that involves a message in a bottle being found 76 years after it entered the sea, and this message is now in the hands of the mans descendants.

The message had been put in a bottle and thrown in the sea back in 1936, which P&O recently featured on their Facebook page thanks to the message being on paper that included the P&O shipping company mark. The ship is reported to be SS Strathnaver.

Even more amazing had been the message itself, which asked the finder of the bottle to contact an address in Western Australia. The name at that address is “H E Hillbrick” and above we have a video featuring Peter Hillbrick, the writer’s grandson.

We’d love to hear your comments on this story, so leave a message below. You can also read more details on Sky News, or see the feature on P&O Cruises Australia Facebook page here.

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