Azamara Club Cruises details 2013 season in Europe


Azamara Club Cruises are aiming for a certain type of cruise passenger they like to call up-market travellers, and these cruise goers gain a lot more extras when compared to many other cruise lines. The up to $2,000 credit is pretty impressive and the whole experience should be one that delivers something different, which could be unique ports of call, more overnights, and longer stays.

The Azamara cruises season starts in 2013 on March 27, which will be on board the Azamara Quest. This is followed with the Azamara Journey starting in Europe on May 15, and both of these cruises will hope to deliver the best in European culture and history.

Main selling points for Azamara Cruises in 2013this page on the official website details the highlights, which include 50% off the brochure fares, lots of included amenities, and around 25% off Land Discoveries.

The new inclusive amenities for 2013 include a concierge service for reservations and passenger guidance, a shuttle service at certain ports, self-service laundry, bottled water, specialty coffees, soft drinks, and teas. The inclusion of drinks is welcomed considering the extra cost this can add to most cruises.

You will also find the inclusion of gratuities and certain alcoholic drinks on board Azamara Club Cruises in 2013. You can find a voyage and read more about these benefits on the official Azamara website via the above link.

Have you sailed with Azamara Club Cruises before, and if so did it deliver an “up-market” experience? There’s also a lot more to read about Azamara’s Europe 2013 season in a recent press release, which can be found on this page.

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