New Celebrity specialty restaurant cruise packages


Having spent a lot of time in the specialty restaurants on-board Celebrity cruises, we can certainly give them a thumbs up for quality of food and service, although this extra can cost if you go a lot while cruising. Celebrity Cruises has announced an improvement this month that aims to make guests life easier, and also cheaper when visiting specialty restaurants.

You can now benefit from a discount of up to 31 percent thanks to some new specialty restaurant cruise packages. This deal comes thanks to bundling the specialty restaurant visits into one package, which provides a lower price than visiting them and paying one visit at a time. This makes the quality of food found in specialty restaurants a lot more affordable and attainable.

These new Celebrity packages will vary depending on the cruise ship, which is the case thanks to the variety of restaurants found on different cruise ships. The new series of Celebrity restaurant packages include a 5, 4, and 3 ‘Dinners Specialty Package’. The Four Dinners option is exclusive on Celebrity Reflection and Silhouette, and the Three Dinners option isn’t offered on the Celebrity Silhouette and Reflection.

If you plan on visiting the ‘paid for’ restaurants a lot then you might want to consider the Ultimate Specialty Package for unlimited meals in specialty restaurants. The discounts are greater when more dinners are included, so take a look at the full details on the official US specialty restaurant page here.

The UK Celebrity specialty restaurant page currently lacks details on these new food packages and we have contacted Celebrity UK for comment.

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