Carnival teases the cruise dream with photos


Carnival Cruise Lines know how to tease cruise lovers with photos and they are doing just that via their Yfrog account, which showcases some fun pictures that encourage tweets if you like them. We love the ‘You snooze, you cruise’ photo, which reminds us of the times when you just want to be together with your loved ones relaxing on a cruise ship.

Another Carnival photo also teases the cruise dream and how tasty the food is on-board, there’s nothing like a steak and one of the photos above makes our mouth water. Take a look at the gallery of Carnival cruise photos above, and see hundreds more on the official Yfrog account here.

It is also worth noting they have a lot of caption photos that show a number of Carnival cruise ships, which include a blank box for viewers to guess what the people are saying in the photo. These images are great fun and are also featured on the cruise lines official Facebook account. Some of these photos have over 2,000 comments, so this also makes for some interesting reading to see what the cruise community is saying.

Carnival Cruise Lines has over 2 million followers on Facebook, which is one signal that the company must be doing something right when it comes to cruising.

What is the best meal you have had on-board a cruise ship? Do you have a favourite memory from cruising?








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