Kitchen operations for P&O’s Azura cruise ship

We have been on board P&O’s Azura cruise ship for a few weeks and while the deck plan could have been improved, the ship was large and family friendly with a lot of modern features. We even managed to get on the Bridge and you can see a photo we took while on the Azura Bridge below.


The official P&O Cruises Facebook page has published some details about what goes on behind the scenes of a P&O Cruises ship, which focused on the Kitchen operations on board Azura. These rare photos reveal some insight into the galley operation and also come with some details from the Executive Head Chef for Azura.

You can see a gallery of photos above this article that reveal the Kitchen operations for P&O’s Azura cruise ship, and these give you a good look at behind the scenes. These photos came from part one of a P&O blog series and there will be much more after the tour of Azura’s kitchens, which will come in a number of parts detailing various information and photos.

You can read part one and see more photos on with Matt Sparks, someone that works for P&O Cruises as part of the Digital Team, and he has been lucky to be on board Azura when it sailed back from Gran Canaria to Southampton.

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