Celebrity UK cruise deals show direction for 2013


It looks like this year will be one of the most popular years for taking a cruise, and also one that offers the best discounts for a long time. Celebrity UK published their cruise deals a couple of weeks ago and they show a clear direction for cruising in 2013, which will start the year with some really good deals and could point to cruise lines wanting to help holiday shoppers considering the financial situation some people are facing.

Cruises are not the cheapest way to travel but you do get a lot for your money, from the amount of things you can do on a cruise ship to the massive amount of food that’s included for free. We recently took a trip to Disneyland Paris and couldn’t believe how costly everything had been, especially eating out, and a cruise would have offered a lot more for around the same price.

Free drinks package – Celebrity Cruises has packaged a really good January sale for those sailing from the UK, which aims to help with the cost in a number of ways. One of the things that can easily increase your onboard account would be drinks, on most cruise ships food is free but drinks are not, and Celebrity are including the Classic Drinks Package for free on bookings made by 28 February. Full terms and conditions of this offer and all current cruise deals can be read here, or you can see the highlights of Celebrity UK’s 2013 sale in this article.

Free upgrade and cheap return flights – Celebrity Cruises UK are also offering return flights from £49 and complimentary upgrades on over 100 sailings. The upgrade would deliver Ocean View to Balcony stateroom, or Interior to Ocean View. Again full details can be read via the above link, although you might want to see a list of upcoming sailings for Celebrity Infinity and Celebrity Eclipse that are taking part in this sale.

You can see some photos of the food onboard Celebrity Eclipse, which we took while giving the ship a hands-on review around the Canary Islands.

What do you think about these deals from Celebrity UK, and have you experienced a Celebrity cruise before? We have been on a few and find the cruise line one of our favourites, which is thanks to the extra service they provide and deliver everytime we have been onboard. This deal could have been improved with an option for a lot of onboard spending that would please those people that don’t drink alcoholic drinks, which some people might find better value.

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