Norwegian Cruise Line $250M IPO takes another step


The Norwegian Cruise Line story of an IPO has been one you certainly would’ve heard about before, and while it hasn’t happened yet we are another step closer. Back in July we heard about NCL filing for an IPO again under the name Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. This would be the parent company name in North America and for the NASDAQ.

Today we’ve heard about an updated S-1 filing being published with the SEC at the start of this month. You can see that filing in detail here on, which details the $250 million of shares planned among other things. We’ve also heard, via this article, that Norwegian Cruise Line has been working with a number of financial institutions. These originally included Barclays, Goldman Sach, and UBS, but the latest filing also reveals HSBC, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank.

It is worth noting that no share price has been set just yet, although the cruise company did declare revenues of around $2.26 billion for its year ending (Sept 2012). You can see a chart detailing the profit and total revenues here.

Have you traveled on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, and if so how was your experience?

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