Disney Cruise Line prepare Fantasy for Christmas

There’s nothing like putting up the Christmas tree each year and in most homes someone normally likes to do the job more than others, although this isn’t the case for Disney Cruise Lines, which considering the task includes a much bigger tree and it takes a team to work together for the tree and a whole ship full of decorations.

Today we have a short video for our readers to watch that comes to us thanks to Disney Cruise Line, and it shows a Christmas tree being put up in the atrium lobby to promote the first holiday season for Disney Fantasy. There will be a lot of holiday festivities taking place on the Disney Fantasy right up to Christmas and in the days after. You can see a fun video below that has been sped up to show how quick Santa’s elves are at putting up a 20-foot-tall Christmas tree, although the video includes some Disney character magic as well.

Do you know anyone traveling on the Disney Fantasy during this holiday season? Take a look at the fun video below, and let us know if you’ve ever experienced the magic of Christmas on a cruise ship.

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