Norwegian mimics Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise drink packages


Your ideal cruise drink package will depend on your needs and types of drinks you like to consume when on a cruise holiday, although it is also worth pointing out that not all cruise passengers like to pay for drink packages, and it could be that you’ll save money by avoiding such deals. This week we’ve heard that Norwegian Cruise Line are starting to offer drink packages, which is due to their apparent popularity with the majority of passengers.

Our first cruise had been with Celebrity Cruises and nothing seemed to compare to the deal they offered, which when travelling on Royal Caribbean and P&O cruises, following our trip with Celebrity, the packages didn’t offer as much. On Celebrity you could get unlimited bottled water and a massive range of coffees as well for one price, although this had been at the time and the package might have changed since. This brings us back to the fact that while one cruise line offered a better package for us, it might not be the same case for you as this depends on what you like to consume.

The offering from Norwegian Cruise Line – the initial test will deliver an all-inclusive drink package on just three cruise ships, which will include the Norwegian Jade, Gem, and Sun. The price will be $49 per person per day although this doesn’t include gratuities that will also need to be paid on top. Royal Caribbean offer drinks packages that range from $29 to $49 at the time of writing, and are again charged at that rate per day. These drink packages are targeted at different people with the aim to offer something for everyone, so if you like beer then that package might be best for you, although heavy drinkers or those that like a cocktail might want to choose the Premium package.

Do you like to have a drink package when cruising, and if so have you tried any on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival Cruise Line, or Thomson Cruises? Share your thoughts in the comments and if you’re booked on one of the cruise ships mentioned above, will you be trying a drink package with Norwegian Cruise Line?

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