Royal Caribbean wedding packages include sea ceremonies


Planning your Royal Caribbean wedding can start a couple of years in advance and the first stop is normally a look at the cruise ship packages available, although in most cases you won’t be able to book your cruise holiday until a year before the sail date. Last week we heard that some key changes have been made to the Royal Caribbean wedding packages, which now allow couples to get married legally while at sea.

This is thanks to the Royal Caribbean stating that the Bahamas government has allowed the cruise line to hold ceremonies in international waters. Previously Royal Caribbean could only deliver a cruise wedding with an official ceremony while passengers were at sea, and you would normally choose the dock you wish to get married at, so this is a major change that will be welcomed by some people planning a cruise wedding.

If you’re interested in the options available from Royal Caribbean, then you can take a look at the wedding packages for the US here, and also see the UK website on this page. The resources will give you information on what to do before you go, what to pack, details when travelling with children, and also a lot more important information for group bookings, who would be on hand to help plan your wedding, and more.

Have you been to a Royal Caribbean wedding before, or are you planning your own cruise wedding right now?

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    Great opportunity for Royal Caribbean but not good for local wedding planners who will now see their onshore cruise wedding business evaporate.