Last minute cruise deals for summer 2012


There are a number of ways to find good cruise ship deals and normally these would be for future cruises, which we also saw recently with Norwegian Cruise Line and their two-day sale for repositioning and transatlantic cruises. This can be one way to grab a good bargain, although last minute cruise deals for summer 2012 could offer the best discounts possible.

The reason booking a last minute cruise normally brings about the best deal is due to filling a cruise ship, or the fact there has been a last minute cancellation. Some times you might be offered a guaranteed cabin type but do not know where you’ll be on the ship, which we’ve personally done in the past with Celebrity Cruises for a massive discount that resulted in just 1/3 of the original cost.

One of the problems with booking last minute is the possibility that you might not get a cruise, or the chance of not getting a balcony, which some people find essential when booking a cruise holiday.

Last minute cruise deals for this month and next – there are some obvious places you can visit for these deals, although you should be warned they can go very quick, so the best tip we can give you is to keep checking a number of times everyday. This is especially important if you really want a cruise within the next few days or weeks, and the deals can be updated on the official websites before the telephone staff see them.

Royal Caribbean have this page on their UK website, which showcases the current offers and also featured cruises that are sailing in just a few days. One cruise we can see at the time of writing departs on August 12, and goes to the Western Mediterranean on Grandeur of the Seas. Celebrity Cruises has a few offers for within the next two months on this page, and if you like P&O Cruises then you can see late offers direct from their homepage on the right.

Are you happy to book a last minute cruise without knowing where you will be on the ship, and do you have a certain website you like to book late cruise deals on?

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