New Royal Caribbean cruise ship ‘project sunshine’


We first heard about a letter being signed last year, which hinted towards new Royal Caribbean cruise ships and also a new class launching over the next couple of years. The news came later on last year that this new Royal Caribbean class had been dubbed “Project Sunshine“, and would likely be second in line behind the world’s biggest cruise ships under the Oasis class. These include the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.

The two Royal Caribbean Sunshine class ships will arrive 6 months apart, which the schedule is said to include the first cruise ship having its maiden voyage in fall 2014, and then the second in Spring 2015. Official confirmation of the home ports is yet to be announced although rumors point towards Cape Liberty, in Bayonne, for one of the cruise ships.

Within the last week we also received news about the company supplying scrubbers for the Royal Caribbean’s new Sunshine class cruise ships, and these will be compliant with 2015 Emission Control. Thanks to this compliance it means the vessels can travel anywhere in the world. You can read more about the hybrid approach to Sunshine’s scrubbers here, and why this benefits the new ships.

It is also worth noting that Royal Caribbean posted a financial loss for their last quarter, which totaled $3.6 million and is thanks to offering bigger deals in Europe after the Costa cruise ship accident caused a lot of negative news in the industry.

Do you think Royal Caribbean need more cruise ships, or are you content with the current selection?

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  • Reene

    With the older Sovereign Class ships disappearing one by one, new ships are a great idea.  Looking forward to more info on the Quantum Class ships.