P&O Cruises most affected by Norway strike


P&O Cruises posted a short message on their Facebook page yesterday, which detailed some possible problems with cruise ships going to Norway during the current strike action. P&O explained that they’re aware of this issue and stated it could cause problems for ships heading to this area, but mainly those going to Oslo.

Contingency plans are being worked on with P&O’s local agents, although they are monitoring the situation through this week, and next when the Norwegian strikes should take place.

Another cruise blog pointed out that other cruise lines, like Fred Olsen and Cunard, don’t have any cruise ships heading to Norway next week, so this strike action should mainly affect P&O Cruises only. Although a later update in the above link explains Fred Olsen’s Balmoral has a revised itinerary, which means she’ll now be calling at Zeebrugge, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Warnemunde.

It’s also worth noting that P&O state any changes to cruise ship itineraries will be communicated to passengers right away by the Captain, although the “fluid nature” of the strike action means some announcements might be made at last moment.

Are you on a cruise ship to Norway next week, or do you have friends and family that are?

Update: We’ve just found out that a number of other cruise lines are heading to Norway next week, and while there is nothing mentioned from the likes of Royal Caribbean on their Facebook page at the time of writing, they are in Norway next week. It looks like a few other cruise lines are as well, at this time we’re not sure how they will be affected and as P&O stated some changes could be very last minute.

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  • http://twitter.com/CaptGreybeard John Honeywell

    Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Costa, MSC and Princess all have ships scheduled to be sailing in Norwegian waters next week

  • Guest

    I’m on the Azura sailing on the 3rd June.  P&O called today to say that it’s new itinery is Zeebrugge, Rotterdam (both very exciting…), Copenhagen and Gothenburg.  They called it ‘force majeure’, meaning they would not offer compensation or refunds, and would only allow us to change to another cruise on another date

    • Dustan Steer

      I too was due to sail out tomorrow – my first cruise as well – so I’m gutted. Obviously didn’t want to go to Zeebrugge or Rotterdam and so cancelled. Expected a fight but they said they would offer a full refund almost straight away so can’t complain too much. Glad I left my packing till the last minute…

  • Jdc

    My Sister was due on Azura as well, same shoddy treatment by P&O who are refusing to offer any compensation even though they are not providing the product they sold the passengers. As a family we have cruised with P&O many times (about 30 times between our immediate family) and over the last few years they just do not care. It would be a good will gesture to offer some free wine/soft drink and a free tour. Instead I suspect there will be a whole group of disgruntled passengers who will not be getting the holiday they paid for visiting places they do not want to go.

    On Azura last year in one of a whole range of problems we sent my daughter to get her daily ice cream, when she came back the ice cream only cleared the top of the cone by less than half a centimeter (it was about 1/4 of the normal ice cream size ), I went back to the server who refused to change it for a full ice cream, we asked to see his superior but he refused to call them.  He literally told us to go away, it took 30 minutes until we got an officer who agreed it was ridiculous that we had been served what was less than a quarter of a full ice cream but had been charged a full price. The whole ethos of making the experience a good one for holidaymakers was tarnished by a lack of care and lack of detail.  Todays announcement is another example of that, it may not be P&O’s fault but it is how you deal with the issue that is important.  We like many people have shown amazing loyalty to P&O and I dont think it is too much to expect some of that back. I fear many passengers will be dissapointed again with P&O on this occasion.