Celebrity show how to cruise with revamped ships


Until you’ve experienced cruising on a number of cruise ships from different cruise lines it’s hard to understand how distinct each ship is, and we’ve seen this first hand after spending time on the Celebrity Eclipse, Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas, and P&O’s Azura and Aurora within the last 2 years.

It’s true that a P&O cruise can give one of the best “proud to be British feelings” in the cruising industry, although they lack in many other areas where cruise ships from Celebrity and Royal Caribbean improve on. One of these is the enforcement on Celebrity of having to clean your hands before entering a cruise ship, one thing that can help stop the spread of Norovirus, another is the uniqueness of restaurants found on Celebrity ships like Qsine with their iPad ordering. We wrote a little about this in an earlier article.

In a recent news release from Celebrity Cruises you can see how money is being put back into the ships, which make them more modern and running in an almost perfect condition, something you wont find on P&O’s Aurora as we found out first hand with an incredible amount of water leaking during our recent trip to the Caribbean for 3 weeks. It’s worth noting that Azura was a really nice experience when we took a look first hand, although the decks were laid out in a manner that we, and other guests, found hard to navigate at times.

Take a look at at how Celebrity Millennium rounded out Celebrity Cruises with an ambitious $140m initiative, and then share a comment on your experience with the cruise ships mentioned in this article.

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