Suspected Norovirus outbreak on Fred Olsen’s Boudicca

Within the last couple of days we’ve been hearing about a suspected Norovirus outbreak on Fred Olsen’s Boudicca, although we know there are a lot more Norovirus cases than are reported in the media. The difference is the amount of people affected, which brings these cases to the media spotlight.

Multiple sources report that a number of Boudicca cruise passengers were infected with the Norovirus, and this article on Travelers Today states “170 passengers” came down with the virus out of 828 onboard. The symptoms included diarrhea and vomiting, which is highly contagious as seen from other reports (remember outbreaks on Sea Princess in 2011 and Independence of the Seas in February this year).

Another article also supported the figures of 170 passengers catching the Norovirus while onboard the Fred Olsen owned cruise ship, which states good will gestures have been offered at “£150 off a future cruise“. We’d love to hear your thoughts on that offer, is it good enough considering what these passengers must have gone through?

It’s also worth pointing out that it is very hard to stop any cruise ship from having an outbreak of Norovirus, and while extreme measures can be taken it is ultimately down to passengers keeping their hands clean at all times, although we’ve seen a few ships first hand (including P&O) that don’t make you use the cleaning gel before boarding a cruise ship. This small change is something that can help a lot, and it’s something every Celebrity ship we reviewed had in place.

You can see a video below of Fred Olsen’s Boudicca when it docked in Southampton a few weeks ago.

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