Carnival creates more cruise jobs with terminal in DR


During a time when jobs are some what lacking around the world, thanks to the current economic problems most countries are experiencing, it’s nice to see new opportunities being created and this is just what we see in the Dominican Republic.

Carnival Cruise Lines has broke ground on their new cruise terminal, which means more jobs in the popular cruise industry. The $65m two-berth Amber Cove Cruise Center is scheduled to open some time in 2014 and is situated near Puerto Plata, in the Bay of Maimon.

It has been around 30 years since a cruise ship traveled to Puerto Plata, and Carnival are aiming to make Dominican Republic’s north coast a great place to go again. Early predictions for the new center hope for 250,000 cruise passengers within the first year of operation. Would you visit this area of the world on a cruise ship?

We’ve also embedded a video below that shows Carnival Breeze completing its Sea Trials, which has been uploaded to YouTube within the last 7 days. Would you consider a job in the cruise industry?

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