Princess Cruises cancels March San Juan, been affected?


Disappointment is just one of the words being used by the passengers who have just been told that their March 25th Princess San Juan cruise has just been cancelled. As well as this passengers who were due to sail out on March 18th have also been affected, the reason a problem with the ‘propulsion motor.’

According to msnbc the above issue lies onboard the Caribbean Princess ship, a problem that has been reported to affect the Caribbean on a previous sailing January 29th through to February 12th. Delays were subsequently reported when the ship was due to depart from St Lucia in a bid to travel to Grenada, this again was down to the propulsion motor.

Repairs to the ship will be carried out in time for it to set sail on its April 1st cruise. Customers in the mean time that had booked for either the 18th or 25th will be issued a full fare refund and 25% future cruise credit. Airfares are reported to either be refunded or credited if booked through Princess Cruises. If this isn’t the case, then passengers can by all means put forward any airfare change fees to the company to try and claim their money back, this as the company have stated includes, hotel stays, transfers and government fees and taxes.

Passengers have been airing their disappointment and frustration on social networking site Facebook for example, a couple were due to sail on 25th. An email was sent through stating the ship’s cancellation, but what has angered customers is the poor communication from Princess Cruises in which plane issues and credit card information has been unclear, with another passenger airing her grievance towards the fact that she had been on the phone for up to 3 hours trying to rebook. Although now rebooked on another cruise, she has given a word of advice to others to take out travel insurance on all holidays.

Let us know if you have or are affected by the cancellations, and how you think Princess Cruises have handled the situation?

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