Update on Costa Allegra fire (Feb 28)


It has not been a good time for the cruise industry this year, which is thanks to a serious accident off the coast of Italy that left a number of people dead, thousands shocked and the Costa Concordia under water. Now the same cruise company has seen another accident within the last 24 hours, and this has left one of their ships adrift.

The Costa Allegra is adrift in the Indian Ocean with no power and more than 1000 people onboard. The ship sent out a distress signal after a fire broke out in the engine room, although the crew managed to put the fire out but it has left Costa’s Allegra drifting 200 miles south west of the Seychelles.

It’s understood that the cruise ship is carrying just over 630 passengers and more than 400 crew members, which includes around 30 Britons. Help is making its way by air and water although this accident is not as bad as the Costa Concordia but the next 24 to 48 hours will be pretty difficult for all those onboard.

Cruise goers and press are pointing out the obvious already, which is the damage Costa’s brand is suffering from the Concordia sinking and this latest incident. Feel free to share your reaction to these events in the comments, and would you steer away from the Costa brand after the negative press?

We’ve included a video below that gives you a quick visual look at the Costa Allegra, and you can find out the ships position via this link although thanks to the fire and no power it is “currently unknown“. We do expect the position to be broadcast once power is restored and we’ll post an update when more is known, so keep connected via our social channels via links below.

Update: We’ve just added a video below that explains what the next steps will be for the Costa Allegra, which is thanks to a quick interview with an Italian Coast Guard official.

Update 2 – Feb 28: We’ve just heard that the Seychelles authorities are working on evacuating the more than 1000 people onboard Costa Allegra, and that a French vessel has reached the cruise ship.

Update 3 – Feb 28: The Costa cruise ship is now being towed to a nearby island and we’ve included a video below this article (the first video). You can get official Costa Allegra updates on their website and via this article.

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