Real cruise ship deals needed after negative news


The start of this year has been filled with negative news for the cruise industry and has impacted bookings and the oil industry, although this drop is expected to last a short time if cruise ship holidays lead to less negative outcomes in the coming months.

Negative news has come in many shapes and forms although the biggest story was obviously the sinking of Costa’s Concordia but there have been far more headlines about illness and cruise ship viruses that include a number of stories throughout last year about the Norovirus. The latest health scare involved Princess cruise ships, so shouldn’t it be obvious cruise goers are feeling a little concerned?

Listening to the consumer – We’ve seen numerous forums and blogs asking why there is so much bad news in the cruise industry, and consumer reactions involve opinions that workers are “underpaid” and “overworked“. While these are only consumer opinions and haven’t been independently verified, you got to understand the feeling of “a week doesn’t go by without some cruise mishap“. While that is not correct it’s the feeling of some potential cruise passengers.

The cruise companies need to fully investigate every virus outback and keep the cruise ships in port until the ship is fully cleaned and cleared whatever incubation period is needed to provide a ship fully free from the virus. We know some brands have had repeat incidents within weeks and throughout the year, which shows certain staff are not learning and correct action needs to be taken to stop these issues happening in the future.

Real deals are needed to get more people cruising – Many of the cruise ship deals that are on offer don’t give good discounts to people with families, especially considering families are only allowed to take their children out of school certain times a year when the prices are highest. It seems most specials give slight discounts although cruise companies should give their best deals right now when the cruise industry is at its lowest point, which can help drive more people onto cruise ships and bring more consumer confidence if lessons have been learned from past mistakes.

What do you think about the current cruise deals being offered by cruise companies, are they really that good? What changes do you think need to be made to stop virus outbreaks on cruise ships? We’ve been on a number of cruises over the past few years and loved all of them, although some ships are better than others especially when it comes to keeping hands clean. It’s our opinion that cruise holiday’s are still the best type of holiday for families, although we want to see tighter control over cruise cleanliness.

You can also watch a video embedded below, which shows some recent news about certain passengers being offered $14,000 compensation from the Italian cruise ship operator.

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