Disney Fantasy approaches maiden voyage


The cruise industry loves to showcase a new cruise ship in style and these events are sure to attract worldwide attention, which is just what happened when the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship left the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.

This traditional goodbye at shipyards marks some of the final steps taken before the Disney Fantasy would make its maiden voyage, which should be March 31. The schedule is set and includes arrival in New York on the 28th of February, and then the worlds newest cruise ship is named during a ceremony on March 6. Are you one of the 4,000 passengers booked to sail on the Disney Fantasy during her maiden voyage?

We’ve experienced the magic of Disney many times and know children experience something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, and this is even more special on Disney cruise ships. The Disney Cruise Line president, Karl Holz, has explained that passengers should expect “storytelling in enchanting new ways“, and we look forward to seeing if they can live up to this expectation.

How magical is a Disney cruise? We’ve embedded a few videos below that give you an idea of what to expect on the Disney Fantasy, and the first video shows Disney’s newest ship moving up River Ehms to Ehmshaven, Netherlands. The second video gives our readers a little taste of what to expect from Disney Cruise Lines, which is especially good for families that haven’t experienced Disney cruises before. We’ve also included another three videos that show the Disney Fantasy float out on January 8, and the final two videos are two parts that explain what to expect onboard Disney Fantasy.

In other news it has been reported this week that Disney Cruise Lines took a small hit from the cruise ship sinking off Italy, which like others has affected their bookings. The consensus by analysts is that the drop in cruise bookings is likely to be temporary and is thanks to the publicly mainly seen in Europe.

Full details on Disney Cruise Line Itineraries and Ports for 2013 can be found in this article. Do you have a cruise booked with Disney Cruise Line in the coming year?

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    Disney has the most beautiful elegant ships!