Ideal Carnival Cruise length in days


Not all cruise companies keep connected that well with their customers although Carnival Cruise Lines are one of the best at this, which includes a range of social media channels to keep their fans connected to the latest cruise deals, news and interesting topics.

The Carnival Cruise company has an extremely active Facebook page with over 1.4 million likes/fans, which puts them at the top of the cruise business when it comes to social media connections. The most updated channels for Carnival Cruise Lines would be their Twitter and Facebook pages that surprisingly update more than the companies press section. Do you follow Carnival Cruises via any of their social channels?

Have you taken Carnival Cruise Lines up on their latest promotion? Today we’ve seen Carnival promoting it’s Triple Play Sale, which offers something unique for those looking for a cruise ship holiday and gives cruise goers a few ways to find a good deal. Carnival explain on their official website that you get three ways to save and these include cash back, free upgrades and good rates. Let us know what you think of the Triple Play, and if you think it’s a good deal or just much of the same under a new title?

We explained above that Carnival post some interesting topics on their Facebook page and one that caught our eye this week touched on the “ideal cruise length” for Carnival Cruise holidays, which had over 3700 comments on the Facebook page. We scanned most of the feedback and were shocked over the diversity, which showed a large variety of days and nights that seemed to have no obvious pattern.

Everyone has their own view on the ideal amount of days the perfect cruise has although one thing we did notice was different parts of the world have a pattern for the ideal cruise lengths. This might be due to the weather or how long the trips normally take for different parts of the world, which could see the mediterranean being very different to the caribbean or someone that likes around the world cruises.

We’d love to know your ideal cruise length and also what part of the world that cruise would visit? Do you find the amount of time you like to spend on a cruise is different by parts of the world?

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