Fallout from sinking of Concordia cruise ship


Now that we’re heading towards a month after the sinking of Costa’s Concordia cruise ship it seems the fallout is starting to show, which some analysts expected considering how certain mainstream media hyped the disaster and started to worry some cruise fans.

We don’t think much about superstition and this includes crazy stories of the Costa Concordia sinking around 100 years after Titanic, which is just coincidence in our opinion and both ships sank under very different circumstances. Have you been affected by the cruise disaster, or do you feel cruise travel is still safer than other forms of transport like planes and cars?

The sinking of Concordia in Italy has hit certain cruise companies – putting the Costa cruise company aside for a moment, we’ve been getting reports that the sinking of the Concordia has had a knock-on effect with other brands. The latest reports show that Royal Caribbean has felt a knock, which early findings state a drop of around “20 percent” when compared to the year before and this follows increased profits at the end of 2011.

Sales have dropped more in Europe thanks to media in these countries focusing on the Concordia cruise ship sinking, and the U.S. cruise business has been hit but not as much due to less coverage of the disaster. Those of our readers wondering what has happened to the Concordia cruise ship captain should keep an eye on their favorite news channels, or join our social channels thanks to the investigation being ongoing. One report today stated that the captain has been ordered to stay under “House Arrest”.

Today’s news becomes history fast – we share the view of many analysts that agree the drop in cruise sales would not last, and the sudden drop some cruise companies are experiencing will end soon and this is also helped by the reassurance cruise companies are giving on their websites and in emails to cruise fans.

You can see a video below that we found on YouTube, which showcases some of the best photos of the Costa Concordia in its current state and when it looked pristine. You can also see a number of videos from the day of the disaster in an earlier article.

If you have memories of the Costa Concordia we’d love to hear them in the comments.

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