Costa Concordia accident visualized


Early on today you may have heard about the Costa Concordia accident, which saw a modern cruise ship hit ground and over 4000 people needing a quick evacuation.

Our earlier article highlighted some of the facts but didn’t visualize the scope of the Costa Concordia accident, although we now have some amazing video footage for you that can be seen below this article.

The scene is unbelievable, reminds some people of Titanic, and at first we thought the cruise ship had only slightly tilted, but as you can see from the videos, it’s a a lot worse. You can see that the Costa Concordia is now almost completely on its side, and one can only think how the passengers that were on this ship must feel looking at the footage.

Let us know your thoughts on the footage below, and we’ll update you as more information is provided. Have all the cruise ships you’ve been on sailed free of problems? The videos below include pictures and footage from people in the area, and also news media, which really gives you some insight into the scale of this situation.

UPDATE: We’ve added some more videos, one from a helicopter during the night, and also others shot by amateurs with phone cameras.

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  • C.C.

    I’ve only been on seven cruises, but my parents 62 cruises plus (they’ve lost count) and after talking to her this morning said she hated the two unfortunate times she took Mediterranean cruises. She was actually waiting to see when this would happen again.  (This isn’t the first time people just not on this scale before) saying the people were not trained properly, the indifference to the passengers on their trips were astounding and would never go on one again for fear of their safety.  Since this has happened before and the crew were the first to jump off on that ship, I have no doubt that chaos was evident on this one. Canadian cruiser

    • Anonymous

      I heard the Capn.turned off all the instruments,and took the wheel to impress the blonde girlfriend..whom he had just had a wine-fuelled meal with..
      Bad form alright..
      On a brighter note,survivors are being given over $14,000 USD as compensation..which however wont bring back the 30+ dead passengers,who were stuck in elevators,waiting in their rooms,unable or unfit to climb up..sad really!

  • Parayilnirmal

    i came vaccation a few days ago from costa concordia .there are somany officers in this ship.most of them very irresponsible .they acting like they were not come for job .only for holidays chief security and security system is also very bad why company giving so much salary for this people only for nothing

  • Swifsail

    How can a modern ship with guard alarms on radar and GPS alarmed waypoints crash into any obstacle.
    Was the Sandbank marked on the chart. Were they using a paper chart. How many officers on the bridge?
    Was the officer of the day sober?
    A puzzle, technically this could not happen. Navigational errors of this kind is sheer incompetence.

    • Aksel frostrup

      from the size of the rock stuck in her side, there must be a logical story of incompetance

    • jamsie

      I think someone has not taken tide, current etc into account, also never relie on electronic rubbish, mark one eyeball and a good old fashioned paper chart nuff said

  • cruiser

    Took MSC for the first time, for Christmas holiday, in the Med.  Muster was a joke and the staff was obviously not up to par in numorous areas.  Sadly, the Concordia now earmarks the incompetance of thier personel, and the price the passengers have paid is gutwrenching. I love cruises, no question about it !  MSC made me question, seriously, the effectiveness of thier strategies in an emergency situation. Apparently, Costa has displayed a level of utter incompetance that will be hard to rival. How you hit a reef, in well traveled, local waters,
    with all of the navigational safeuards, in use, is utterly baffling !

  • jamsie

    Me and my wife were on the Concordia Sept last year, I myself am a British Merchant Navy Officer, my wife felt easier because I was there, on entering the cabin I looked at the escape route on the back of the cabin door, which I found was about 10 steps to my left on leaving the cabin, whilst we waited for the bells I told my wife not to put her lifejacket on until at the muster station as this would cause hinderance.
    When the bells sounded went to the nearest emergency exit(as mentioned above) only to be told I couldn’t use it, we had to use the secondary route which was halfway down the ship and only to stand under a lifeboat and be instructed by some incompetent young girl.
    In all my years at sea I have never heard of an secondary emergency route……and they wonder why confusion and panic reign supreme

  • Martinarogersqe2

    The Costa Concordia tragedy has echos of the Monarch of the Seas accident in 1999 when it nearly sank off the coast of St Maartin in the Caribbean after hitting rock after a navigational error.  It was only saved after the bridge officers ran the ship aground to prevent it from sinking.   For this to happen with a much newer ship with the latest GPS navigational instruments is just unbelievable and questions have to be asked about the competence of the captain and his bridge officers as well as the cruise line.

  • Richpent

    How does Costa Lines choose their captains? Time served as officer of the watch? Sartorial elegance on the dance floor? How they cut a dash and master the swagger when moving through the public areas? Competence and the ability to give intelligent orders under pressure is evidently not on the list! 

  • J Smith

    I reckon another company bribed the Captain to crash the ship on purpose. I think they’ve promised him a load of money to do it, and then they’re going to set him up with a top notch lawyer to keep out of jail.What other cruise ship companies are rivals to this one?