When Cruise Ship Holidays go wrong for teens


A few months back we was on a cruise on-board Royal Caribbean’s Independence Of The Seas and we have to say that there were a number of teens and even younger children hanging around the stairs and running up and down the corridors ringing door bells etc. and generally causing a nuisance not only in the day but late at night too.

We have children and always make sure that we know where they are at all times, but I guess sometimes no matter how hard you try some kids/teens would say they are going to the club, but end up following others and start hanging around the ship, which than could lead to trouble in more ways then one.

It was just the other day that a 15-year-old girl alleged that she was sexually assaulted on a recent Royal Caribbean Cruise, now there will be lots of questions on how something like this could of happened but most people will want to know why she was out at 1.45am anyway? Where were her parents?

Now from past experience we know that yes kids are allowed to roam around the ship whether it is day or night and this is how things can happen. So the question to all cruise ships is do you think that there should be a set time in where all children should be with there parents and if they are found to be walking around late at night then the parents should be contacted straightaway to find out why?

One cruise line that seems to have got the curfew right is the Norwegian Cruise Line. They have a curfew for all passengers under the age of 17 and this means that they have to be in their cabins by 1am, unless they are participating in an organized activity or are with their parents. The security staff on board the ship also enforces this curfew.

Unfortunately Princess Cruises do not have a curfew for kids or teens because they leave this to the discretion of parents. Now you can see that most parents would know where their children are but there are a few that will let their children do whatever they want, and this is where the trouble begins and the upset of other passengers starts.

We can honestly say that we have seen both sides to this. We have been on a few ships and the very first one we went on was Celebrity Eclipse, and have to say that despite there being over one hundred kids on-board you did not see or hear from them as they were all in organized kids clubs, which were supervised at all times and this included the teen club, but sadly the same cannot be said for the one on-board the Independence Of The Seas where kids/teens were around at 3am.

Everyone likes to go on holiday to have a good time but there does come a time that you want to go to bed and relax, but this becomes imposable if kids are swearing on the stairs and running up and down corridors ringing your door bells late at night.

Do you think that curfews should be on every cruise ship?

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  • Bpc

    We have been on two RCI ships and both had a 1am curfew.