P&O Cruises introduce new tipping scheme


From April 2012 P&O Cruises will be introducing a new tipping scheme, which means that a daily rate of £3.10 per person will be automatically added to your on board account on a daily basis. It’s said that by introducing this scheme it will remove any confusion over how much you should be tipping and make it easier and fairer for both our passengers and crew.

This new scheme does include the automatic service charge of £1.60 per person, per day for those guests who have chosen Freedom Dining on board the Azura, Ventura and Oceana.

Now if you don’t agree with having the set amount of £3.10 per person per day added to your account then you do have the option to change the amount that you wish to tip at the reception desk on board, but how many passengers will really do this? I personally like the idea of being able to tip the staff that i feel have been really helpful during my cruise and not just paying a fixed amount that gets divided up between all staff. I can see why they are doing this new scheme, but for some this could add up to quite a bit over say a 3 week cruise.

Do you think this new tipping policy is fair?

Statement from P&O Cruises:
P&O Cruises is to introduce a new tipping policy across its fleet from April 2012. This will make the often confusing and sometimes awkward subject of tipping clearer and easier for passengers.

P&O Cruises managing director, Carol Marlow said: “Tipping has always been an integral part of the cruise experience but sometimes our passengers tell us they’ve been confused over whether or when to leave a cash tip for their waiters and cabin stewards. Our new tipping policy aims to remove this confusion in much the same way as most restaurants these days add a suggested gratuity to the bill.

“The new policy will see a recommended tipping rate added to a passenger’s onboard account on a daily basis. The recommended daily rate per person will be the same as has been in place for several years, namely £3.10, which is less than other cruise companies recommend as a daily rate. If our passengers wish to vary this amount they can do so whilst on board.

“We have had this policy in place for some time for those customers choosing to dine in the Freedom Dining restaurants on Oceana, Ventura and Azura. We have found the practice works well both for our customers, removing any awkwardness and confusion, and for our restaurant teams as they receive a fairer and more consistent level of tips. For this reason, we are extending the scheme to both dining and cabin stewards on all seven ships in the fleet from April 2012.

“Our people are always encouraged to “go the extra mile” and are permitted to accept extra tips, over and above the recommended daily rate for truly exceptional service, if passengers wish to do so.”

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  • K-ede

    think an opt out altogether option should be available rather than a reduced payment & give to individuals you think deserves a tip

    • Malcolmevans

      Well said !

  • happyas it is cambridge

    I hope this won’t spread to automatically adding a ‘tip’ to drinks ordered in the bars.  It’s differences likw this that make p&o special

  • Malcolmevans

    its not fair,  One should tip for when you get great service, this is a levy   fight it say NO