Titanic Cruises to set sail in 2012 to mark 100th anniversary


Now we have all heard of Titanic that sank on the 15th April 1912 while on her Maiden Voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City. Those who have always wondered what the voyage would have been like will have an opportunity to set sail in 2012 on the exact course the titanic took, which will mark the 100th Anniversary.

Now while there are a number of different Titanic Memorial Cruises available in 2012, Fred Olsen Lines have decided that their passenger ship called the Balmoral will set sail on the 8th April 2012 from Southampton, and will follow Titanic’s original route across the Atlantic to New York. Amongst the guests on board it’s said there will be around 30 guests whose ancestors died on the original voyage in 1912.

The 100th Anniversary Memorial Cruise is scheduled to leave Southampton for 12 nights and will accommodate 1309 passengers, which is the same number carried by the Titanic. This ship will then call at the historic Irish port of Cobh where the Titanic made its last port of call on the 11th April 1912, and will then sail to the exact location where Titanic struck an iceberg at 11.40pm. A memorial service will then be held at 2:20 am on the 15th of April to coincide with the time Titanic went down. After the memorial service the ship will then make its way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the 121 victims of the disaster are buried at Fair-view Lawn Cemetery, and then finally to New York, which was the intended final destination for Titanic.

This has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are sure it will be a great tribute to the Titanic. Reports say that you will have to be quick if you want to book this once in a life time cruise as spaces are selling out fast. You can also take a look at the other memorial cruises that are currently on offer here.

Have you booked to sail on Titanic’s 100th Anniversary?

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  • Photom1946

    Booked and ready to embark into history!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Dowsett/1601515389 Kathy Dowsett

    I would give my eye teeth for this journey—-but alas $$$$ are needed!!! After 100 years the Titanic story is still popular!!!

    Kathy Dowsett


  • M Dotterer

    We’re on this cruise. We’ll also tour the shipyards in Belfast, where Titanic was built. Can’t wait!
    Marlene Dotterer, author of The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder, a novel about the builder of the Titanic.

  • Howard

    My wife and I have been booked on this Cruise for over 17 months. The Titanic has been my passion for over 43 years. It will no doubt be a very emotional time for me during the 2:20 AM Memorial Service as they didn’t have to die. Their deaths were all so needless and based solely on the greed of others.

  • Christine

    I’ve been booked on this for over a year also—booked it the instant I heard about it, as I also have had passionate interest in all aspects of the Titanic triumph (it was thought) and tragedy all my life. It is a truly unique opportunity and I am grateful for it. I look forward to sharing the experience with others as interested as I am.