Are cruise drink packages worth it?


If you have been on a cruise you know that the cost of alcohol and fountain drinks can add up. A number of cruise ships now offer drink packages that you can purchase before you sail but the question is are they really worth it? We thought that we would explain a little about the drink packages that are available on board Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

If you sail with Celebrity Cruises it is sometimes best to reserve your drink packages before your sail, although you can purchase these packages on-board by visiting any bar on the ship.

The Soda Package is a great one for kids and adults who don’t drink. You will be able to enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola, lemonade and any other fountain drink they currently serve on board for as little as £4.41 per night per person. You might just what the Premium Bottled Water Package that will give you unlimited bottles of your favorite still or sparkling water throughout your cruise for as little as £7.56 Per Night. If you love your wine then the Taste of the Vineyards Wine Package is for you. You will be able to experience a fantastic wine collection during your cruise for around £62.37 per package.

If you want to go on your cruise and not worry about having to keep paying for any drink you want then you need to get one of the Premium & Classic Beverage Packages. These packages include alcohol, premium tea and coffee, bottled water, cocktails, wine and of course soda. So for just one price that starts from around £8.82 per night per person we think that this is the best value for money.

Next we have Royal Caribbean, and while they offer a number of different drink packages on board the Independence of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas and Legend of the Seas some people say that this can work out more expensive than if you were buying drinks as you go.

They currently offer a beer and wine package that will cost you $29 per person per day for all beers, house wine by the glass, a Classic package that will cost you $39 per person per day and includes all beers, house wine by the glass, all liquor except premium and specialty brands and cocktails. And lastly they offer the Premium Package, at $49 per person per day that includes everything the classic package has but this one includes all premium liquor brands including Absolute, Johnny Walker Red Label and Bombay Sapphire.

These drink packages are great if you can see yourself drinking quite a bit during your cruise but one thing to remember is that you are paying around $39 to $49 per day per person for just alcohol as they do not include any coffee, tea, water or soft drinks like lemonade or coke.

There is also a twist to these packages that we found out when we traveled on the Independence of the Seas, and that’s if there are two adults sharing a stateroom and only one of you drink and only one of you want the drink package, you both have to purchase one of the alcohol packages, which we found very unfair as one of us did not drink alcohol. You can see the reason behind this and that’s so guests don’t share packages but come on is this fair Royal Caribbean? If we side with the cruise company and have a little empathy for a second, it is easy to see why they are doing this, although the idea of people who have never touched alcohol all their lives to be asked for a doctors note or what medical condition stops them from drinking is ridiculous. What do you think readers?

Have you been on a cruise and found a good deal on drink packages or do you think that they are just a waste of money? Let us know your thoughts on this below.

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