New Cruise jobs with Royal Caribbean and a Tour operator

Cruising to different parts of the world is an amazing experience and for some it gets even better, if you work on a cruise ship not only do you get to see great destinations but you also get paid to. Royal Caribbean International currently have 22 cruise ships that sail out of different ports in the world and are said to be one of the best cruise companies out there at the moment.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are currently hiring around 100 new employees for its Wichita reservation center, which handles all Celebrity Cruises calls from travel agents, along with other calls for Royal Caribbean. It’s said that the salary will start at around $9.89 an hour with other incentives available including discounted cruising after six months and a free cruise after a year.

Based in Miami, Royal Caribbean has more than 58,000 employees; so if you fancy a job in the cruise industry then why not take a look at what they have to offer at

Maybe you like the idea of working as a travel consultant, if so then Travel Sales Cruise Consultant in Wiltshire are currently looking for travel or cruise consultants to join their successful team. If you like the sound of working in a call center booking worldwide cruise holidays and providing a high level of customer service is for you then you can find out more about this job at

If you think that working in the travel industry is for you but you still can not find that perfect job for you then why not take a look at and see what they have to offer.

Have you worked for a cruise company? If so what incentives did they offer?

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