The World private residential ship: Benefits vs. Cost

Like most people who have not heard of the private residential ship called The World, we was interested to find out more after we saw this fantastic ship in one of the ports we were visiting this year. It’s said that The World, which launched in 2002 is not a cruise ship – despite it looking like one from the exterior – it’s the largest privately owned, residential yacht said to be on earth and only holds a maximum of 400 passengers.

This seems like a great ship or should we say Yacht if you love to just travel to different places across the world. There are residents who live on the Ship all year-round, but the majority spend three to four months on-board at a time. The average resident who lives on-board is around 60, although there are a few residents under the age of 50.

So the question we’re sure you want to know is how much do apartments cost? Well there are 165 apartments on The World ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments and a penthouse that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.

The World features a number of facilities that you might not find on any other ships, and these include a small grocery store and a delicatessen, full-sized tennis court and gym. The most impressive feature on this ship has to be the long port stays, and it even plans its cruise itinerary around all the major events like the Cannes Film Festival, the British Open Golf and the Grand Prix.

Now there are quite a few of us that love cruising and love the feeling of waking up in different destinations with a fantastic sea view, but while the idea of living on this ship sounds great there is the small matter of the costs involved. It seems that you need quite a bit of money behind you before you even consider something like this. So guys it looks like we are all going to have to play the lottery and hope that one day we too can enjoy what The World ship has to offer.

Have any of you been on The World? If so please share your experiences with others. If you are looking at purchasing an apartment on board you will want to take at look at the official website on

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