Reviews of Azura cruise ship point to slight problems


First time cruisers should be in no doubt that a cruise holiday is likely to change their views of holidays forever, while some people cannot handle the odd rough day at sea, overall a cruise ship gives you a feeling of service never felt before and this includes the P&O Azura.

The great service found on cruise ships may beat most land-based holidays, but there are so many cruise ships that the quality of cruise ship and service can change greatly by cruise line.

We’ve heard a few good reports about P&O’s Azura and also some problems about the way it’s laid out, and now the findings have been posted on Cruise Ship Reviews after a 2 week cruise around the Mediterranean. While it is only a first impression, the 1000+ words looks at some key points of the Azura cruise ship and also some of the issues found from the ships design.

Have a read of the article here, and let is know if you have cruised on the Azura and how you found it. Did you find difficulties with the deck plans, and find the cruise ship quite compact? You can read the official information about this ship and more on the P&O website here. You can also compare this Azura review to feedback from other passengers via this page that shows more than 125 comments.

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