Princess Cruises promotes fitness with marathon at sea


Most people that head on a cruise see the gym and think about going but never make it there, although if they do get working out while cruising, not all of them will keep it up for their full cruise. The good news is you can change and your next cruise does not have to be the same, the amount of food you get to eat is unbelievable and leaves you forever missing it until your next cruise, and when returning home most of us weigh a little more.

Princess Cruises will want their passengers to have a good time, but still it’s good PR for them to promote keeping fit while away. Today we have a great story for you about a Princess Passenger that did something never done before on a cruise ship, he run a Marathon at sea with the aim to raise awareness and money for “Help for Heroes”.

57 year old Steve Eaton, as seen in the photos on this page, run a massive 26-miles onboard the Grand Princess, which was carried out on the Promenade Deck. It took him 5 hours and 16 minutes to complete the marathon, and makes Eaton’s 33rd marathon, although this was a new experience for him.

Eaton wanted to complete this challenge for Staff Sergeant Christopher Chacksfield, a family friend that was murdered last year in Newcastle upon Tyne. The story is extremely sad considering he had made it through Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq without a scratch, only to be killed in an unprovoked attack back home. Makes you think what the world is coming to, and how many people really have respect for our “Heroes”. You can read more about this story here and see more photos on Facebook here.

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