Dora the Explorer cruise with Norwegian Jewel and Epic


Nickelodeon has a huge following with some great shows for kids, which includes Dora the Explorer so it seems right that putting these characters on cruise ships would help attract more families, and give the children a great time while at sea.

Our youngest boy loves most of the Nickelodeon characters and if we picked up a few cruise ship magazines from a travel agent, the pictures in the book with these characters will be much more appealing to him, and possibly help sway our choice of cruise line. With this in mind, some families would want to look at what Norwegian Cruise Line has on offer with Norwegian Jewel and Epic, which certainly makes the perfect Dora the Explorer cruise.

On their featured page here, Norwegian Cruise Line explain that they not only cater for the kids, but also help bring all the family together with “entertainment for all-ages”. The cruise line has won a few awards for best entertainment on a cruise ship, and we’ve been on a few ships opposite them while docked, and you can hear the fun.

If you want to get away on a cruise to relax, but also away from the TV you want to connect with your family, then Norwegian Cruise Line promise their activities will help you do just that thanks to a partnership with Nickelodeon.

Some of the fun includes breakfast with Nickelodeon, so you can eat with different characters that include SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. We’ve heard from a few readers that said Dora’s Music Party gave them great memories for life, and the pool games were also good fun on the sunny days.

Have you been on Norwegian Cruise Line and enjoyed the Nickelodeon entertainment?

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