Best cruise deals via travel agents, online or direct?


Fears of the world entering a new recession have scared the public, and while this may not happen it is something that we are on the line with, and this leads consumers to watching their money closely just in case.

When it comes to cruises they’re not cheap, although you can get a lot for your money when onboard it’s safe to say it takes a while for most people to save up that kind of cash. So finding the best cruise deals should be a mission for everyone when looking for their next cruise holiday, although we know last minute cruise deals are some of the best, this is not possible with many families who need to plan way in advance.

We’ve had a few readers send in emails asking if the best deals are to be had direct at cruise websites or at the local travel agent in store? This is an interesting topic because we’ve found over the last year that many cruise companies are holding the best deals for themselves, and at the very least both prices are equal after all discounts. If you want anything more than 10% off, you’ll normally have to wait until last minute.

So this post is for those will a little cruise experience, where have you found the best prices for cruises? Was it online or in the local travel agent? If you have anything else to add, please do so below in the comments. Also let us know the country you found these cruise deals.

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