Current Royal Caribbean cruise ships by year built


Some of our readers have been asking us for details on the latest Royal Caribbean cruise ships and listing them by the year they were built, so we thought a small post on just that would be an idea.

Royal Caribbean are one of the most popular cruise liners, and has come a long way over the years. Starting with the Song of Norway over 40 years ago, Royal Caribbean now has over 40 ships at sea that are found in 5 brands.

The aim of the different brands are to cater to different types of passengers and what they see as the perfect cruise, although you’ll see some people crossing over into brands that are not designed for them specifically. For example, some families like the 5-star cruising experience on Celebrity cruise ships and while they’re not so many families onboard, it suits those that fancy something a little quieter.

See below for current Royal Caribbean cruise ships by the year they were built/entered service, and feel free to share your views on these ships after this article. These are only ships under the Royal Caribbean brand, and not other brands owned by the company.

Sovereign class – The Majesty of the Seas entered service on April 26, 1992 although the first in this class was Monarch of the Seas launching on November 17, 1991.

Vision class – Vision of the Seas on May 2, 1998 and Enchantment of the Seas on July 13, 1997 and the same year also saw Rhapsody of the Seas on May 19. The year before (1996) saw two more ships for this class, these included Grandeur of the Seas on December 14 and Splendour of the Seas on March 31. Lastly we have the first cruise ship in this class, and that is the Legend of the Seas on May 16, 1995.

Radiance class – Includes some slightly newer cruise ships, these include Jewel of the Seas on May 8, 2004 and Serenade of the Seas on August 1, 2003. The year before that saw Brilliance of the Seas, which was entered service on July 19, 2002. Finally we have the first ship in the Radiance class, and that’s the appropriately named Radiance of the Seas, launched on March 10, 2001.

Voyager class – Mariner of the Seas is the newest in this class, which entered service on November 16, 2003. This was beat one year earlier by Navigator of the Seas that launched on December 14, 2002 and before this were Adventure of the Seas on November 18, 2001 and Explorer of the Seas on October 28, 2000. The first cruise ship in the Voyager class was obviously Voyager of the Seas, which entered service on November 21, 1999.

Freedom class – Some of Royal Caribbean’s most popular cruise ships are in the Freedom class, and these include the latest called Independence of the Seas that was built and then launched on May 2, 2008. The year before saw Liberty of the Seas enter service on May 19, 2007 although the first ship in this class was Freedom of the Seas on June 4, 2006.

Oasis class – This class of cruise ship beat Royal Caribbean’s own record, and became the world’s largest cruise ship two years ago. Having a capacity of over 6,330 and a gross tonnage of over 225,000, this class is something else. Oasis of the Seas entered service first on December 5, 2009 and this was followed up a year later with Allure of the Seas on December 1, 2010.

For the full details on these cruise ships, including photos, videos, and deck plans visit this page.

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