Autism cruise on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, NCL and Princess

There is great news for parents with disabled children/ young adults who love the idea of being able to go on a cruise but found that most cruise company’s do not have the right facilities for their child on-board, for example changing facilities for older children and trained staff who can cater for their needs.

Currently most cruise ships do not cater for disabled children, but there are a few options that you can now use to help you have a great cruise on any of the following ships thanks to Autism of the Seas. These ships include Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, NCL and Princess.

Autism of the seas provides a number of different services so that you can sail on any one of the above ships from any port including the UK.

The first one is called Group Cruises with out Staff: these cruises are normally scheduled approx. 10 to 16 weeks in advance. The staff from Autism of the seas will travel with you and offer a variety of private activities; respite etc. to accommodate your entire child’s needs while on the cruise.

The next service they offer is Land resort stays with their staff: these are normally scheduled 10 to 16 months in advance and the staff from the company will stay with you at the resort and help you accommodate all of your special needs during the stay.

And the one that we think is fantastic is the Individual cruise assistance package that is free of charge as long as you book or transfer your booking to them. This fantastic package includes the following: special kids name tags, cruise PECS, cruise social story, priority boarding onto ship, autism awareness cards for cruise staff, exemption for dinner dress code, small dinner table just for your family, private muster drill area and much more that you can see here.

These guys have made traveling with an Autistic/disabled child a pleasant experience for you and your child. Have you tried any of the above services? You can compare all the different service’s available from Autism of the Seas here.

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