News on cruise ship jobs for UK based vacancies

The idea of working on a cruise ship must be quite the appealing one to those of you that don’t have kids, and why not as visiting places all around the world has to be one of the best job opportunities. If you’re not materialistic and love to take in what the world has to offer, then cruise ship jobs will give you just that and also some free time at certain ports.

When choosing websites and cruise hiring agencies it can be easy to fall into traps, not all websites can be trusted and as such you have to be careful. This is why our best advice is to first visit the official websites of the cruise lines and apply there first. We can point you in the direction of some of the best via our Cruise Jobs page, which can be found here.

Those of you looking for UK based cruise jobs may want to visit P&O Cruises, and their official careers page here. You can try some of the job boards online, although this is at your own risk, as we have not tested any of these websites and do hear about online recruitment scams.

Another trusted cruise company is the Cunard Line, which also has a shipboard recruitment page. You can see this here and unlike many other cruise lines, this page features current jobs on offer. We can report that UK based Cunard has added a lot of new jobs, and at the time of writing has cruise jobs ranging from a Wine Waiter in the restaurant to Voyage Sales Specialist’s. View the full list via the above link.

Do you have any cruise ship recruitment websites that you trust? If so, let our readers know by using the comments below.

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    am abdullah from oman salalah i wouild like to get job tourist guied i wish that thnks