Longest cruise passenger ever for Seabourn cruises

When you’re dedicated to a cruise line and have accumulated a lot of sea days, it is fair for the passenger to expect some extras, and special treatment. This is just what Mrs. Alene Witzke got on the Seabourn Quest recently, which was deserved thanks to the passenger reaching 2,500 nights with Seabourn cruises.

We’ve heard of passengers making over 500 cruise days before, but 2,500 has to be one of the longest cruise passenger stories we’ve ever heard. Do you know anyone that has spent longer on a cruise ship, and do not work there?

The special surprise for Witzke included a meeting of nearly all the staff on the Seabourn Quest, who greeted her with a massive applause on the ships bow. The celebration included photos with the staff and Captain Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen, and a trip to the bridge, although we’re sure it would not be her first time.

You can see some more photos of the occasion on the Seabourn blog, which are found here.

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