Cheap cruises from Seabourn for winter voyages


Seabourn has posted a “One Week Sale” for their winter voyages, these cheap cruises have been running a couple of days and will end this Monday, September 26.

The cruise company has an acquired taste when it comes to cruising, and is known for small ships with a service that is truly world class. Seabourn would be a perfect cruise holiday for those of you that hate the busy bigger cruise liners, and for those that have traveled with them before, it will be an experience that they have come to know.

When you get great service like this, there is always a price to pay for it and that is why the cruise sale is a perfect time to get a better deal. Some people feel that Seabourn’s prices are pretty expensive, and that this sale is just a Carnival cruise line company trying to fill ships, although we’d have to disagree in this case considering the reputation Seabourn has built. What do you think?

We’ve mentioned before that last-minute cruise sales are how you find the best deals, although in this case they’re pricier than most cruise liners. Prices start at $1,799 per person for this sale, and a full list of deals and destinations can be found on the official website here.

You’ll find more than just winter cruises, there are also voyages in April 2012, which take you to the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean and East Coast of the USA.

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