Best cruise photos and blogger of the year 2011


Following on from our article yesterday, which previewed the Cruise International Awards and had a sneak peak at some of the winners for the 2011 awards, we now wanted to share with you more of the winners.

In first place for the “Cruise Photo of the Year” was a photo that showed the MSC Armonia, which was taken by Henrietta Sali. The photograph, seen below, won a unanimous victory and made you feel like “I want to be there”. Having seen sights like this while we were cruising, it’s great to see someone capture them and make us all miss being there. You can see the best ever cruise photos for 2011 in this article, which shows the top 8 according to voters.

Cruise International’s award for “Blogger of the Year 2011” went to John Heald of Carnival Cruise Lines, who has had over 11 million views and counting. You can watch his acceptance speech in the video below this article, in which he explains that he is amazed how Carnival lets him write a blog like the way he does, but the readers are sure happy he does, well done John.

You can see the full list of winners being announced on the Cruise International Facebook page here.

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