Rugby World Cup live on Cunard and P&O cruises in 2011


Most people have a sport that they follow and some times, like on a cruise ship, you won’t have access to your favorite sport, which means a lot to fans. Our last cruise on Independence of the Seas had popular sports shown in state rooms and certain bars around the ship, of course football was the most common sport shown.

Today we hear that the Rugby World Cup will be shown live on Cunard and P&O cruises in 2011, and with the popularity of Rugby increasing this is good news to thousands of supporters.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup final is due on October 23rd, and both cruise lines will be broadcasting the match live, as well as the bronze final, semi-finals, and quarter-finals. There will be ten cruise ships showing a total of 24 games, and these cover Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England fixtures.

Not all of the matches will be live; some will have to be recorded so they’re shown at convenient times for the ships passengers. Travel Bite reports that Carnival UK’s Paul Wright states “officers and crew” will really get involved, which will include decorating the ships and celebrating with passengers.

If their cruise ships party and celebrate the Rugby World Cup like Royal Caribbean do with their parades, then cruise passengers will be in for a real treat. Let us know if you visit a cruise ship showing the matches, and how it felt aboard?

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