Azamara cruise reviews for the Quest and Journey

With a well known parent company as backing, Royal Caribbean International, the newly formed Azamara Club Cruises has the aim to take people to parts of the world that the big cruise ships find it hard to dock at. The Azamara Quest and Journey are 700-passenger ships with a focus on “quality”, and a much more personal experience.

Having been on Celebrity Cruises over the past year we know how much better it is to get the “little things”, which some of the other cruise companies forget to do, and Azamara Club Cruises offers this same quality service on much smaller ships for a different experience.

Do you prefer smaller ships with a more personal cruise experience? You only need to visit a ship such as Independence of the Seas to know how busy it can get onboard big ships, with the dinning experience feeling “busy” and certainly nowhere near as relaxed as the specialty restaurants. It is the hope of these smaller ships to have a more relaxed experience in the main dinning room, and not just specialty restaurants.

So how do the Azamara cruise reviews stack up for the Quest and Journey? We have put together a few sources that will help you find out, although please leave your review in the comments if you’ve been on an Azamara cruise.

Cruise Diva has a couple of reviews for both the Quest and Journey cruise ships, which give some nice insight into the staff, food, service, entertainment, and ships themselves. As per normally you’ll find a lot of reviews on this page of the popular critic cruise site, which shows Azamara Journey cruise reviews in numbers well over 200. You’ll also find information on other cruise ships with some insightful customer feedback.

This review looks specifically at the Azamara Journey and what makes it such a special memory for some. They look at the service you get around the ship, and some of the “phenomenal” entertainment groups onboard. The reviewer sums up that Azamara aim for a certain type of cruise passenger, meaning it depends on what you’re looking for in a cruise experience.

You can see some of the places you’ll visit on an Azamara cruise at

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