NKOTB cruise 2012: Allocation and prices debated


It’s hard to believe that New Kids on the Block started out 27 years ago, especially when you consider the amount of fans they have that have not only enjoyed the bands music over the years but also enjoy touring with them today.

Real die-hard fans know about the NKOTB cruise 2012 and many hope to be on that trip when it sets sail on the Carnival Destiny cruise ship June 7, next year. Sadly the popularity of this cruise and New Kids on the Block means that you’ll be lucky to get a cabin, with the boat looking to have already sold out.

The 4-day cruise takes you to the port of KEY WEST and Half Moon Cay, known as a beach paradise. Fans that are able to book will enjoy individual and group events, an evening theater event, photo opportunities, a cocktail party, 24-hour complimentary room service, meals and snacks, and a lot more.

Packages started from $699, and you can get full details at nkotb.com/cruise. You can see a video below this article that details the NKOTB cruise for 2012.

This forum post on the official site has been flooded with fans discussing the event, and while they know that the NKOTB cruise doesn’t include alcoholic beverages, bottled water and sodas, they do wonder how expensive the drinks will be and how much of a chance they will get to meet and get a picture with New Kids on the Block.

Did you miss out on the NKOTB cruise allocation?

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