Last minute cruises for exceptional deals


When booking cruises and paying well into the thousands you cannot blame people for wanting to find a good offer, and those that have searched should notice when the best time to get the cheapest prices are.

From our experience it’s the last minute cruises that offer exceptional deals, and this should be the same whether you book from the United States or UK. Cruise companies like to give you onboard spending from time to time, which normally is set per state room and not per person and this is only a couple of hundred dollars in most cases.

Our last Celebrity cruise booking gave us just $100 of free onboard spend for a cruise costing over £7000/$10,000. So the best deals are not found in extras given for free, but almost certainly from booking last minute although there are problems with this.

From the family perspective it’s really hard to do things last minute, you will need a room with a sofa bed in some cases, and then there is the planning and packing involved with families. So booking a cruise way in advance is what happens for most families, and those that cruise will also notice prices keep pretty high all year round unlike other holidays.

Back in April of this year we had a cruise booked on P&O’s Azura, which cost over £5000/$7500 and was arranged way in advance, but last minute we had a couple of friends join us and they’d booked 4 days before the cruise was set to sail. How much did they pay? Just £1800/$2800 for a guaranteed cabin type that could be anywhere on the ship, and once on board they got lucky with a room upgrade for only £200, which was the same room we had.

This will not always be the case, but it goes to show what savings are possible with a last minute cruise. Cruise Ship News has had a few emails from our readers with similar stories of getting the best price with only a few days to go, so if you can take the risk you could save yourself a bucket load. Have you found any good deals when booking cruises last minute?

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