Cruise ship jobs: Salary insight

Those of you that have traveled on a cruise ship know that in most cases you’ll get service that is hard to find back home, this ranges from the way your food is served while cruising to how room attendants go the extra mile to make your stay a memorable one.

It’s fair to say that most staff working on a cruise ship know they are giving great service for the chance of extra tips, although we’re sure not all of the staff think this way. Some of the room attendants we’ve had during our Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and P&O cruises have generally gone the extra mile.

So how much do cruise ship jobs pay? You may expect the cruise lines to pay a low wage and tell their staff that the income will be made up with tips/gratuities. In most part we’d expect that most cruise staff need and want the extra money, but as to how much these employees get paid, let’s take a look.

This page on Cruise Ship Jobs lists some salaries for a wide range of cruise jobs, and while we cannot confirm the accuracy of this information, it does give a little insight into what kind of salary cruise ship companies pay.

The jobs range from ordinary seamen that have to learn many jobs including cleaning, painting, and maintenance. Bar managers, housekeepers, and salon workers are just a few more jobs listed. View them via the above link and let us know if you’ve worked on a cruise ship, and if so what was your experience?

Popular cruise companies also offer information about jobs on their cruise ships, you only need to visit the appropriate page on the website. You can find information on career opportunities for Royal Caribbean here and P&O cruises here.

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