Royal Caribbean Cruises now allow children in concierge lounge


This year has been a busy one for many families and also one that has seen tighter budgets thanks to the current economic climate, but no matter how tight some budgets are we still all need a break to recharge them batteries.

For families that can afford the cruise life, which is getting easier thanks to last minute deals, nothing beats getting out into the open sea for a really relaxing time. Our last trip took a look at Royal Caribbean Cruises Independence of the Seas, and what paying a lot extra for a suite would get you. While our full review is still under wraps and will go live within the next couple of weeks, we wanted to point out an important detail that came to our attention while on Independence of the Seas.

Children are not allowed in the concierge lounge on Royal Caribbean Cruises, and specifically Independence of the Seas, which causes problems for families that cannot leave their children for different reasons. As a suite guest you get free drinks between 5pm and 8:30pm, but this benefit cannot be enjoyed if you cannot leave your kids anywhere. One reason could be children with disabilities.

The good news is that this has changed as of August 26, 2011. For all Royal Caribbean cruises that sale after this date, children are allowed in the concierge lounge when alcoholic drinks are being served for free.

We can report that some concierge staff are not happy with this change, and think that it could lead to problems with some underage children getting alcohol. While our view is this seems pretty impossible considering the concierge lounge staff (two on our last visit) have a closer eye on you than other parts of the ship, and second any adult allowing children to have free alcoholic drinks should and could be punished, and lose access to this service.

We’ll be reviewing future Royal Caribbean cruises and the ability to take children in the concierge lounge during these free drink times over the next year, and will post our findings here. So bookmark Cruise Ship News, and remember to join our Facebook and Twitter channels.

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  • Missa11y

    I was on a cruise last week on the Jewel of the Seas and I had an owners suite but I am a diamond plus as well
    There were no children in the lounge but there wouldn’t of been space for themn anyway there was not enough space for the suite guests or the Diamon Plus My husband and I sat out side the conceige because we could at least sit down. I don’t think that this is a good idea I have seen this in somne Hilton Hotels when I have been away for business where the children are playing games on the computers and picking at the canapes and placing them back on the platters
    I think that Royal will regret this decision