Cruise ship communication: Internet charges, satellite and cell phones

When you’re travelling at sea keeping connected to friends and family was never meant to be easy, but it’s easier in 2011 thanks to satellites, although most home broadband users will find the Internet on cruise ships painfully slow. Having been on two cruises in the last 6 months, the speed from each ship varies but both were extremely problematic. Download speeds would slow down to snail speeds at times for the same expensive cost per minute.

What’s the best way to communicate from a cruise ship? This question has a few answers thanks to an article, found here, that looks at the different options people have on a cruise ship. These options range from cell phones, Internet, VOIP and direct dialing via satellite. The video below also looks at why your Cruise Ship Internet could be slow and also offers ways you can speed it up. Share your experiences in the comments.

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